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Thread: 308 gtb drysump rebirth

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    Congratulations! Just stunning! Very important for everyone to see what a 308 should look like the day it came out of the factory... As well I was thrilled to see your name appear multiple times on the first page of FML having won multiple awards at the FCA Nationals....keep it up - unparalleled excellence!

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    Forgot to mention the Connolly hides - tip of the hat to Sam!

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    Thanks Hammer and BB

    It was a three year battle in bringing the gtb to its +1 status, and now with 500kms of California driving an oil change is in order. The xwx's will be
    relegated to the shelf and a set of factory 16" wheels will be prepped for next years driving season. The xwx 's look the part and produce a ride that an new s class benz would have a hard time replicating. The is best sports car produced in the seventies and the 16" wheels will extract a precision that will place a smile on your face.

    The Connolly hides do produce a different aroma or it could just be the glue?

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    that spoiler is sooo low

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